Teismo autorystės klasifikacinės ekspertizės teorijos ir praktikos problemos

Liudmila Kuzničenko


The article deals with new type of forensics of authorship – classification’s examination of diagnostic. It also analyses the object, subject, tasks, methods, latter-day’s situation and possibilities of this kind of examination, the problems of competence of experts. The article points out topicality of further research on purpose to establish and improve methods of identification of classification’s characteristics of document’s author.
Theoretical and methodological basics of identification’s forensics of authorship already are established and experts deal with some matter well more than ten years. However the need of judicial practice demands to go forward with authorship’s examinations, especially to solve the problems with identification of social and biographical “portrait” of document’s author.
The object of classification’s diagnostic of authorship involves the identification of typological classification characteristics (features) of document’s author, that expert according to special knowledge solve during examination of a document and other matter of civil or criminal case. Above-mentioned characteristics (features) are psychopfysiological, sociological, biological characteristics of text’s author that are: his/her age, gender, vernacular, the place where the skills of vernacular have been developed, education, profession and other.
Investigator (court) takes interest in type of temperament, main features of character of author’s “portrait” too. The competence of expert is very important thing in this way. To draw a conclusion expert cannot appeal to concrete date of such characteristics that are in the examining text. The competence of expert of authorship is to draw a conclusion only on the ground of examination’s results of text’s language and its features that he/ she did by himself/herself.
The article also analyses the tasks that usually are giving to experts by investigators (judges) that are out of experts’ competence. It is presented the results of analysis of practical classification’s examinations of authorship that have been done in Ukraine.
Now one of the most important questions of identification of authorship is to establish methodology and separate methods of classification’s examinations.

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teismo ekspertizė; klasifikacinė autorystės ekspertizė; rašto kalba

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