Pranas Aleknavičius


Management of rural territories is regulated by legal acts and territorial planning documents. The article analyzes processes of farms land tenure formation and changes of farming lands and forests area. Purchase of land from the State and private persons is an important activity for increasing area of farms tenure during land reform. The article also describes regulations of Western Europe legal acts, related to land purchase. Formation of competitive land tenures is a public interest, which meets constitutional requirements for rational use of land resources in Lithuania. There are proposals in the article for legal acts amendments, to ensure that agriculture land would be acquired by subjects, which performs agriculture activity. Moreover, land tenures should be compact, which allows conditions for more efficient farming. Problems of preservation of natural resources for rational farming lands and forests are also discussed in the article. It was determined, that during 1990-2012 area of farming lands reduced by 21.6 %, area of forests increased by 8.3 % in Lithuania. Proposals for stabilization of farming lands area reduction are offered in the article. It is recommended that farming lands and forest area proportion should be determined by preparing complex territorial planning documents. Permissions for converting farming lands and forests to other use should be issued only according to these planning documents. Laws must more strictly regulate farming lands use and conversion for up-building and other non agricultural use. Legal protection of farming lands should be the same as protection of forest land.