Regulation of biological diversity protection: international and national rules

Imantas Lazdinis, Aušra Šaltenytė


Protected areas are internationally recognised as a major tool in conserving species and ecosystems, and there are no disagreements. International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has defined a series of six protected area management categories, based on primary management objective. But some countries and Lithuania as well, often have their national systems of protected areas developed over many years. That`s why very often arise some contradictions between scientists and in society as well concerning quantity of protected areas in Lithuania.
This study focuses on disagreement between regimentation of Lithuanian protected areas and international protected areas. The study shows that both on the national level and on the EU level, biodiversity protection has common goal to protect local species and ecosystems. It is been concluded, as the main issues, that there is a need to revise classifying of national protected areas what would enable more easily to define them.


biological diversity protection; protected areas; rules

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