The Statute of Limitations of a Criminal Judgment in Legal Practice (article in Lithuanian)

Eglė Riaubaitė


The Parliament of Lithuania has recently adopted a Law on the Extension of the Statute of Limitations. This problem was frequently discussed in press and among the public when one case or other was dismissed due to the Statute of Limitations. According to Article 95 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania of 2000, the period of limitation was two years in the event of commission of a criminal offence, five years in the event of a minor crime, eight years in the event of a less serious crime, ten years in the event of a serious crime, fifteen years in the event of a grave crime, and twenty years in the event of commission of the crime of murder The Law of June 15, 2010 establishes the following extensions to the periods of limitation: three years for a criminal offence, eight years for a minor crime, twelve years for a less serious crime, fifteen years for a serious crime, twenty five years for a grave crime, and thirty years for murder.


statute of limitations; criminal liability; to pass a sentence

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