Legal Regulation of Higher Education Institutions in Lithuania in 1918-1940

Aurelija Pūraitė


The evolution of the legal regulation of Lithuanian higher education systems was a difficult process closely connected with other social, economical, political, historical dimensions of the development of the state itself. The understanding of the characteristics and principles of higher education development, the analysis of possible perverse provisions in the legal regulation of the higher education system enables better interpretation of the historical and political aspects of legal regulation as well as forms the guidelines for future perspectives of development in the field of state regulation measures. A presumption that retrospective tendencies necessarily have an impact on the present status quo of the whole system of higher education and specifically on its legal regulation is made in the present article. The evaluation of those tendencies allows a better recognition of the specific characteristics of the contemporary higher education system and helps reveal the possible causes of legal regulation dysfunctions in the system of higher education.


institution of higher education; legal regulation; the autonomy of high school

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