Valdonė Indrašienė Violeta Suboč


The article discusses motivation as a precendition for successful learning and to analyses students’ attitude to factors influencing learning motivation. The following tasks are set: to analyse learning motivation factors and pedagogical–psychological assumptions; to investigate students’ (forms 9–10) attitude towards factors of direct influence on learning motivation.Q-type diagnostic data collection (attitude scale) was used. 160 students from Vilnius secondary and youth schools were asked to evaluate factors of direct influence on their learning motivation.The authors examine the main reasons for unsuccessful learning, one of which is the lack of student learning motivation. Learning motivation is the main tool for improving students’ progress. Particular attention is given to interral and exterral aspects of learning motivation. The person’s needs as the main element of motive formation are also discussed as well. Learning motivation diminishes because of the monotony of satisfying the needs; therefore, different ways of need strengthening should be introduced.The results of the research show that most often unsuccessful learning is caused by unfair evaluation by the teachers. It should be noted that for motivation includes a lot of elements defining the whole learning process. An important factor decreasing learning motivation is the lack of learning stimulus. This factor is especially significant for students with low motivation as well as for students with behavioural problems and bad learning results. The research showed that, according to the opinion of students in all groups, motivation is least affected by the learning load.