Comparative Aspects of Police Education and Training Systems in European Countries

Kęstutis Vitkauskas


The article analyses police preparation systems in different European countries considering European Union perspectives to establish a common system for education and training of the police. The first part of the article discusses the differences of police preparation systems models in European countries and the arguments regarding relationships among professional preparation and academic education in a common police preparation system. The author of the article comes to a conclusion that for modern police officers it is not enough to get only the professional education, to formulate special skills, but they also need an additional college or a university degree. The second part of the article introduces and discusses factors making influence to the police preparation systems in different European countries. The author comes to the conclusion, that historically different conditions of development, geopolitical and cultural factors in European countries created huge diversity of police preparation systems, which means that in order to make them closer there is a need for a deeper analysis of police structures and their preparation systems at a national level.


police education; police basic training; police academies

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