Rolanda Kazlauskaitė Markelienė Dalia Prakapienė Vytautas Lazdinis


The ability to manage emotions and to apply them purposefully in leadership, process management, or communication is important both for interpersonal relationships and for individual satisfaction in dealing with others. Emotional intelligence plays an important role in shaping relationships between individuals, both at the individual level and within teams. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to analyse the relationship between emotional intelligence and communication in a Lithuanian Armed Forces military unit. The research method used was a quantitative survey. According to the results of the study, emotional intelligence and satisfaction with communication in the public sector are related, and respondents with higher emotional intelligence scores are more satisfied with communication. The results show that emotional intelligence skills and communication are positively and significantly related. However, despite the positive aspects of the emotional intelligence-communication link identified in the study, the areas for improvement in the communication-emotional intelligence link in the unit analysed relate to strengthening the expression of empathy, improving the communication of the organisation’s policies and objectives, and ensuring satisfaction with the quality of feedback.


Career Management