Argo Pambudi Lena Satlita Maria Lies Indarwati Dian Retnaningdiah


The aim of this article is to describe problems in the formulation of policy to increase the professionalism of the Indonesian bureaucracy. These problems derive from the retirement policy of civil servants in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The findings show that the level of substantive acceptability of regulation on the retirement age of civil servants is very high, but this is not necessarily the most effective impetus for increasing bureaucratic professionalism in Indonesia. The retirement age means that every civil servant must leave the bureaucratic structure at a certain point, even though their competence, commitment and enthusiasm to continue their work may remain very high, and the state may still need their services. The enactment of a retirement age law that is too strict has inhibited the possibility of considering other variables to support the increase in the professionalism of bureaucracy. The consistent implementation of the retirement age actually hinders the increase of bureaucratic professionalism in Indonesia.


Civil Service