The Challenges to Public Service in the Context of the New Public Governance

Alvydas Raipa


The authors in the article, on the basis of a meta-analysis, theoretical modeling, interpretive method and the method of comparative analysis, seek to describe civil service, as a component of public governance system, and changes of its functional activities. In the beginning of the twenty-first century, the dominant base doctrine became the new public governance, as the product of the evolutionary process of the new public management. Today, its indicators and activities’ specifics are extensively discussed.
In the content of the article, the authors purposefully seek to accomplish the following tasks: to distinguish the characteristics of the changes in a civil service system and all levels subsystems, decomposition elements of public service structural-functional changes, mechanisms and typology of changes and their management; to emphasize public interest groups and fulfillment of their expectations, as the most important institutional-functional performance targets of civil service.
The authors understand and use the functionality of civil service as a characteristic of certain conditions and factors, which connect innovative and creative activities, highlight strategic priorities, balance centralized and decentralized management and improve the implementation of decisions.
Discussing the operational efficiency of civil service in the beginning of the twenty-first century, the authors emphasize the increased qualitative requirements of today’s civil service system, the tasks for civil servants, which seek to establish new and results-oriented forms of behavior, dissemination of innovative activities and development of inter- organizational networking.


challenges; new public governance; changes; innovations; performance evaluation; competency; inter sector integration

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