Rūta Adamonienė Laima Ruibytė


Changing external conditions, needs of market and customers are correcting performance of organization’s performance therefore every leader has to assess the changes and to create favourable internal conditions to reach objectives1. Leader authorizes employees for activity,
determines policy and objectives of quality creates organization’s strategy, takes care of management of resources, training of employees, infrastructure and working environment, and performs assessing analysis that helps to take decisions and perform activities as well as to use the possibilities to reach the objectives better. Management of organization and its activity is successful when all processes having place in it are systemic and clear, and organization’s activity is directional. Success can be reached by implementing and monitoring management system which is created in order to improve constantly the results of organization’s performance in accordance to the needs of all parts interested. Thus, this article is striving for determination of the results of assessment of performance of leaders of police organization and the organization’s results oriented towards employees according to the partial criteria presented in methodology of CAF.