Erika Matulionytė-Jarašūnė


Sustainable development of renewable energy sources is a very complex and manydimensional process. Renewable energy development cannot be dispersed and infinite; the location of the development, the extent and geographical distribution must be planned in such a way that this development would bring the expected result. Also, it is necessary to keep in mind that due to the advances in technology these resources which at the beginning are almost the only alternative may become just one of several possible choices. The development of renewable sources is a dynamic process changing together with the level of society development, so one model applicable to all countries and situations with large differences in levels of economic development does not exist. Another important aspect to be noted is the distribution of renewable energy in the geographical sense, as most of the resources have certain characteristics for a particular area: hydro, wind, etc. This article aims to look at the development of renewable energy not only from an economic or environmental perspective, but also aims to include social and partly institutional aspects as sustainable development policy, policy of the sustainable development of renewable energy sources in particular, should cover a much wider solution than just the potential analysis of the development of a specific resource.