Special municipal programs on public health promotion and their assessment in conformity with principles of sustainable development

Aldona Jociutė, Ineta Pačiauskaitė


Health as a fundamental component of human well-being, human rights and global public good and is important to ensure social justice. A holistic approach to public health shows a close relationship with the concept and principles of sustainable development. Multi-component impacts on the health demands requires of the combined, cross-sectoral and coordinated actions. The modern concept of health addresses a high priority to social partners and public involvement in health-related issues, especially at the local (municipal) level. A special Municipal program on public health promotion is a major local public health program, whose main purpose is the implementation of various measures of health and a safe environment, to improve the local population's health, development and implementation of the funding source. The article presents a study, which aim is to assess special Municipal programme on public health promotion in compliance with the principles of sustainable development from the perspective of theoretical and applied science, using the qualitative (textual analysis, and synthesis) and quantitative research methods.
There was made conclusions, that the special Municipal programme on public health promotion, as a major funding source for the development and implementation the Municipal public health programmes, in accordance with its setup complies with a number of the principles of the sustainable development such as promotion and protection of fundamental right, policy integration, solidarity within and between generations, involvement of businesses and social partners, involvement of citizens, open and democratic society and make polluters pay. Also, the municipalities undertake to apply the provisions of the principles of sustainable development in planning and implementation of the special Municipal programmes on public health.


public health; programmes; principles of sustainable development; assesment

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