Characteristics of music school and community interaction in a society facing globalization

Rita Aleknaitė-Bieliauskienė


The article focuses on culture and the importance of artistic culture in the cultivation of creative personalities with critical thinking and a positive attitude to life. Art nurtures emotional intellect. Lithuanian music schools not only provide professional development but also serve a wide range of educational functions. The subject of this study is to ascertain how the interaction between a music school and the community of a city affects the entire community’s educational potential in the face of ongoing globalization processes.
The study is based on a quantitative analysis performed in 2009 at the Music School in the town of Ukmergė. Results have shown that the music school is an open organization and plays a significant role in society’s internalization of values, socialization, and prevention efforts. Such schools foster feelings of partnership and stimulate communication processes. The application of the “learning by doing” method also creates a learning environment conducive to active personalities, which has an important influence on personal attitude, values and emotional intellect.


globalization; culture; creativity; interaction; music school; society

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