The threats of sex education in general secondary school for the development of adolescents sexual identity

Birutė Obelenienė, Kęstutis Pukelis


In solving questions of risky adolescent sexual behaviour prevention, it is common in both state prevention and health promotion programmes and educational means to to see two essentially different processes equated: sexual education and sex education. The inability to properly identify these processes not only causes serious confusion in the use of these concepts but also serves as a precondition in choosing educational content, tools and methods incompatible with education and family preparation of the young generation when applying preventional measures against risky adolescent sexual behaviour in schools. The article addresses the problem of sex education integrated in school curriculum provoking incorrect sexual identity processes in adolescents. The article presents the results of a qualitative study of adolescent focus groups, which was aimed at determining the possible influence of the presence of elements of sex education in the school curriculum. Results reveal that such elements cause irresponsible sexual behaviour and the development of disrespect between persons of different gender.


sexuality; sexual education; sex education; sexual identity

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