New communication technologies: publishing of digital magazines for tablet computers in Lithuania

Arūnas Gudinavičius, Emilija Ferevičiūtė


This article is focused on the development of digital magazines for tablet publishing industry in Lithuania throughout 2011 and 2012. The aim is to determine the perspective of innovative digital magazines for tablets in Lithuania based on the existing situation.
The impact of technological, sociological and economic factors on the digital magazine publishing industry in Lithuania is distinguished in order to describe the consistency of industrial development. It is noted that the implicating factors do not diminish the perspectives of digital magazines for tablet publishing in Lithuania. On the contrary, growing popularity of tablet computers among Lithuanian users is considered to be a catalyst for future industry growth.
Moreover, the most important dates of digital magazines for tablet publishing in Lithuania are chronologically listed in order to specify the active parties that have started and became the integral elements supporting the development of the industry. Digital magazine publishers and readers in Lithuania are determined to be those parties, although their impact on the situation existing in the industry differs. Consumer preferences are described as less influential in defining the range of digital magazines, which is also analysed in order to identify the prevailing digital magazine publishing strategy (involves the production of paper magazine equivalents which results in infrequently used innovative digital magazine characteristics and weak publisherconsumer communication strategy) in Lithuania.
Furthermore, the main reason behind industry stagnation is determined. The lack of investment into digital magazine development and publisher-consumer communications is identified as the main problem. The proactive strategy used by Lithuanian digital magazine publishers is assessed as not suiting consumer needs.
It is stated that higher level of competition between publishers is required to stimulate the development of Lithuanian digital magazines for tablet publishing. Competition can be increased by producing modern digital magazines for tablets, which includes innovative tablet magazine characteristics. The desired response is defined as product and marketing strategy development among digital magazine publishers in Lithuania.


digital magazine; tablet computer; digital publishing

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