Valdonė Indrašienė Leta Dromantienė Erika Bielskytė-Simanavičienė


Aim: To analyse teachers’ experience in applying information communication technologies (from now on referred to as ICT) during the study process.Methodology: The analysis is based on a qualitative research methodology determined by the novelty of the problem under analysis. Six teachers of the University X (faculty Y) participating in the study were selected by applying a random sampling procedureand were interviewed by using the semi-structured interviews.Results: The research revealed that the use of ICT in the study process is still fragmented due to the lack of the teachers` ICT competence and to teaching priority given to direct communication. Because of the lack of higher level competence in ICT necessary for the efficient use of ICT tools in the study process, teachers as a rule resort to limited opportunities to increase the attractiveness of the process.Research limitations: in order to theoretically and empirically validate ICT applicationpossibilities in the study process, teachers of one faculty of one university havebeen interviewed. In view of this, the conclusions cannot be extended to all teachers.Practical significance: the research revealed problems faced by the university teachers in applying ICT during the study process. Identification of problems will facilitate a more efficient use of ICT in the study process, as well as the development of teachers’ qualification.Originality and value: the research provided more information on teachers` competencein using ICT.