Iryna Pospelova


This article examines the essential characteristics of the communicative abilities of psychologists working in the method of biosuggestive therapy (biosuggestive therapists) as a symptom complex that includes a person’s ability to interact with other people, to adequately interpret the received information, as well as to transmit it correctly. The quality and level of the ability to interact with people at the level of the harmonious pole of dynamic, emotional, regulatory, motivational, cognitive, productive and reflective-evaluative characteristics of sociability, determined according to the “Judgment test for studying personality sociability (JTFSPS)” methodology of A. I. Krupnov, are shown. It is also demonstrated that the ability to adequately interpret received information is determined by the level of development of empathic abilities (according to the method of V. V. Boyko), as well as by the sensitivity of a person to the non-verbal behaviour of another and the ability to adequately identify it (according to the method of expert evaluation of non-verbal communication by A. M. Kuznetsova). It is summarized that biosuggestive psychologists can adequately interpret received information either through the ability to put themselves in their partner’s place, together with the ability to adequately identify the non-verbal behaviour of communication partners, or through the ability to understand the inner world of the interlocutor, creating an atmosphere of openness, trustworthiness, and intimacy during communication. It is shown that the ability to correctly convey information is manifested at the level of the ability to achieve mutual understanding, to influence others (according to the “Perceptual-Interactive Competence Test” method of N. P. Fetyskina), as well as the ability to manage the non-verbal repertoire (according to the method of expert assessment of non-verbal communication A. M. Kuznetsova). It was determined in the factor analysis that the most essential characteristics that determine the communicative activity of a biosuggestive psychologist with a high level of communicative ability are: externality – the need for communication; internality – egocentricity; objectivity – non-verbal influence; and mutual recognition – categoricalness.