Analysis of Public Servants’ Working in Municipality Administration Motivation Research

Jolanta Palidauskaitė, Aušra Vaisvalavičiūtė


The aim of the article is to reveal the results of research of Lithuanian public servants motivation, which was conducted in early 2010 as an integral part of public servants motivation research conducted in 12 countries. The results of the research revealed, that a larger part of respondents were minded to participate in public life, sympathized to others and were prepared to sacrifice for them and welfare of the society. Not all respondents were certain, that the main purpose of their activity was serving for the good of the society. Goodwill, sympathy, a wish to help needy people, aspiration for justice were not strange to respondents, but they were not ready to suffer individual losses for this. Younger respondents and those whose work experience in public service was short, were less ready to compassionate others or to sacrifice for them. Although new methods and means (absorbed form the private sector) are applied in the public sector, the great responsibility, the duty to care for welfare of all society and public interest cannot be forgotten. These factors must be taken into account in the processes of public servants training and their socialization at work place.


public service motivation; attraction to public participation; public servants values; civil service ethos

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