Reflections on the Public Administration Paradigm Change in the Last Decade’s Publications

Vladislavas Domarkas


The dominant attitudes of public administration paradigm change and reasons of this change are presented in this article on the base of analysis of recent scientific publications. The materials of well-known international journals and other publications in public administration, as well as materials of global forums on reinventing government were used for analysis. It is emphasized, that previously widely used notions “New Public Administration” and “New Public Management” lately were partially changed by the notion of “New Governance” and its variations “Good Governance” and “Collaborative Governance”. However, spread of these notions is not large and for analysis of public administration development problems sometimes it is more preferable to use notions which describe concrete aspects of public administration. It is argued that a great impact to the further development of contemporary public administration has globalization, spread of information technologies, training the next generation of leaders and so on.


classic public administration; New Public Management; New Governance; tendencies of public administration development

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