Analysis of Applying Competency Models: Case of the Office of Prime Minister of Lithuania

Tadas Sudnickas, Aistė Kratavičiūtė-Ališauskienė


The article reviews the latest Lithuanian experience in the field of competency-based management and analyses the data of a pilot experiment of applying the draft competency model in human resource management of the Office of the Prime Minister. The results of a 360 Degree Feedback Questionnaire (adjusted to the draft competency model), which evaluates the competencies of employees of the Office of the Prime Minister, is introduced and critical evaluations are presented. Also, the article discusses the concepts of competency and the competency model as well as the positive aspects and shortcomings of their application. Development and implementation of competency models in public service institutions are the focus of the authors of this article.


competency; competency model; competency-based management; 360 Degree Feedback questionnaire; Office of the Prime Minister; public sector

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