Olga Verdenhofa Oleksiy Dzenis Jevgenija Dehtjare Valentina Djakona Nataliia Gavkalova


As global practice shows, the fundamental mechanism for optimizing the activities of public authorities is strategic management, which involves the development and introduction of the latest technology to optimize their functioning and contributes to the formation of positive trends in the innovative development of the entire public administration system. Therefore, this article, based on the analysis of modern problems in the formation of strategic management in the development of the public sphere, demonstrates the expediency of using the strategic management methodology in the development of the public sphere to ensure its effective formation. The main strategic management tasks of state authorities are determined, solutions to which must be derived in compliance with the criteria of effectiveness and social responsibility. The need to change the management culture in the public sector is substantiated – in particular, the introduction of a strategic approach to management in the activities of state authorities is encouraged. The place and role of strategic management in the organization of the activities of state administration entities is defined. The main tasks of the strategic management of state authorities are also outlined, solutions to which must be carried out in compliance with the criteria of efficiency and social responsibility. The main stages of strategic management in the public sphere are characterized, the observance of which enables state authorities to quickly solve organizational problems and, in general, ensure the effective functioning of the public administration system at all levels. The key conditions for the effective work of state authorities in Ukraine are identified, and both modern innovative strategic management tools and the possibilities of their use in domestic state authorities are analyzed. It is substantiated that the analysis of strategic alternatives and the justification of strategy is conceptual task of strategic management, the achievement of which requires the use of an interrelated set of tools. The main directions of the development of the system of management of the activities of public sphere entities are studied, and it is emphasized that this should change in accordance with general trends in the development of management science. The implementation of strategic approaches should become a priority area of implementation for the new concept of public sector management. The stages of the strategic management of public sector entities are also proposed, taking into account their purpose and role in the development of the country and the objective of reforming the general public administration sector.


Public Management