Kim Young Gon Kim Young Ki Lee Yang


This study purposed to analyze inter-influences among the administrators’ profiles of characteristics,
their value systems, and their public policies in the situations of local governments in South Korea.
The characteristic profiles are attributed to behavior, emotion, and cognition. The value systems are referred to as economics and job ethics. The public policies were divided into distribution and regulation. The research methods were based on a questionnaire that constructed items for the above three variables and requested Likert scales. The sample size was 1061, recruited from all eight Korean local governments. The results of the structure analysis suggested that the administrators’ decisions about their public policy were influenced by their value systems attributed to their characteristics profiles. Further studies required the application of this study’s paradigm to the diverse values and policies that were limited in this study and to the world’s nations, where the
governmental processes are different in economic ideology and political culture from Korean structures.


Public Policy