Gulsara Ashirbayevna Junusbekova Margarita Kadyrova Alua Zholdybalina Zhuldyz Baizhomartova


This article is devoted to the system of evaluating the effectiveness of the activities of state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan in terms of personnel management. This assessment makes it possible to identify positive and negative trends in the activities of state bodies, identify systemic problems and develop practical recommendations for improving the efficiency of the activities of state bodies in the direction of personnel management. In Kazakhstan, the main approaches to the effective activities of state bodies are defined at the legislative level. Moreover, a methodology has been developed which states that the evaluation of these results is achieved via an objective assessment of the impact of the activities of central state bodies and local executive bodies on the development of the economy and society, alongside an analysis of the achievement of indicators of the results of the activities of the state body. Based on the study of international experience and a comparative analysis of criteria and indicators for evaluating efficiency in Kazakhstan and foreign countries, this study substantiates conclusions and recommendations for improving the system for evaluating the effectiveness of government agencies in terms of the direction of personnel management.


Practice of Public Policy and Administration