Dana Tubekova Botagoz Almukhambetova Bibigul Izatullayeva


In an era characterized by increasing demands for transparency and accountability, Open Government Data (OGD) initiatives have emerged as a critical tool for fostering public trust in government institutions. This paper examines the direct impact of the results of OGD on the satisfaction of citizens and the activities of state institutions. The main purpose of this paper is to study whether there is a link between the availability of OGD and institutional trust, and, if so, to establish whether this effect can guarantee the satisfaction of citizens. The study involved a large-scale survey conducted among residents of the Turkestan region. The survey encompassed questions related to trust in various government entities, the usage of OGD, satisfaction with government services, and socio-demographic factors. Data collected from 360 respondents were subjected to rigorous statistical analysis. A substantial positive correlation between OGD availability and usage and citizens’ trust in government institutions, particularly among frequent internet users, was found. Additionally, the study revealed that OGD positively influences citizens’ satisfaction, which, in turn, contributes to increased trust in government. OGD initiatives play a vital role in enhancing trust in government institutions, particularly in digitally connected populations. Recognizing the mediating role of satisfaction presents opportunities for policymakers to refine strategies aimed at delivering higher-quality public services and strengthening democratic processes.


Development of Public Administration