Aleksandras Patapas Maksym Pylypenko


To fully ensure the effective operation of self-government bodies, it is necessary to constantly update the data and standards that form the basis of practical approaches to management. The ever-changing level and specifics of issues arising in the modern-day public administration require an immediate response from the ruling authorities. Considering the specific features of the management industry at the national and local levels, this collection of scientific articles is presented as a storehouse of valuable scientifically sound ideas and methodologies that can be successfully applied in states with different architectures of the political apparatus (Chyzhov 2021).
This collection includes scientific articles of Ukrainian and Kazakh researchers, who focus on finding solutions to various issues of local self-government. Researchers have carefully investigated all the conditions for ensuring the smooth functioning of authorities at the local level to present the readers with the most detailed and useful guide. The materials of this collection cover the topics of setting up public-private partnerships, features of decentralization of local authorities, optimization of the information and communication system of local governments. The ways of improving the system of strategic planning at the state level were also explored. The papers of this collection hold valuable information regarding the principles of attracting valuable personnel to self-government bodies, overcoming obstacles during the implementation of governance, as well as inter-budgetary relations within the state during the global COVID-19 pandemic.
Specifically, the researchers analysed the effectiveness of the “Strategy for Sustainable Development of Ukraine by 2023” and the attraction of investments in innovative enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Along with the aforementioned topical areas of local self-government, the researchers identified the issues of the healthcare system, logistics, and education. Apart from investigating the modern concerns in the field of local self-government, the papers present the results of the analysis of historical and political prerequisites for the development of the existing management system in Kazakhstan and Ukraine. The scientific materials of the collection are valuable in the context of modern science of administration due to the coverage of the most relevant topics of the management industry.
A prominent place in the materials of the collection is occupied by the study of local self-government in the context of the development of the modern structure of the state. For instance, in one of the papers, securing the status of an independent state for the Republic of Kazakhstan is considered a turning point for reforming the governance system throughout the country, including at the local level. Ukraine was also analysed by the authors of one of the studies, evaluating the effectiveness of approaches to state formation. Apart from the issues of power, the researchers considered the importance of ensuring gender equality in Kazakh educational institutions, investigated the state of infrastructure development, namely the transport system, in Kazakhstan.
For a broader assessment of the prospects for setting up positive relations between state and local government in the context of the modernization of Ukrainian society (Kushakova-Kostytska 2019), a parallel was drawn between Ukraine and its neighbouring states, including Poland, Romania, Hungary, etc. At the same time, such comparative analyses help figure out the steps towards the development of public-private relations in the less politically developed states that were previously part of the USSR.
Local self-government today is a guarantee of the functioning of democratic government, at the same time acting as a reflection of the level of autonomy of the population. A thorough investigation of theoretical approaches to solving the multilevel issues of local self-government will become a reliable support in the direct transition to practical actions.