Aigerim Kussaiynkyzy Nataliia Aliushyna Myrzabike Zhumabayeva Anna Stychynska Nataliia Lesko


The relevance of the article research is determined by the problem of formation of the basis and directions of gender policy within the education system of Kazakhstan, ensuring respectful and equitable treatment of all groups of students obtaining a full and competent education. The aim of the article is to develop a model of gender policy in the education system within the preservation of health-saving pedagogical conditions. The leading method for the study of this problem is a diagnostic survey “Adaptability” (MLO-AM), developed by A. G. Maklakova and S. V. Chermyanina. It was designed to identify and examine aspects of individual personality traits of the psychological, functional, social sphere, considering personal self-determination and self-expression in different situations of the social sphere, which includes the education process. The article describes a model for the parameters of learning, which is based on gender equality, within individual needs and functional development, depending on personal self-perception, in the framework of the compulsory study of basic theoretical general education subjectsю Also, the created gender policy model has a humanistic and social provision for the personal gender needs of learners, and with the related study of general education knowledge in the core academic disciplines.