Sergii O. Kravchenko Olena L. Yevmieshkina Volodymyr I. Hornyk Valentyna V. Karlova Kseniia O. Velykykh


This study examined the potential for modernization of the state strategic planning system in Ukraine, to form an integrated system. Its purpose was to create a comprehensive definition of state strategic planning, provide an analysis of current structures and procedures in Ukraine, offer directions and principles for modernizing them, and develop an institutional framework for successful implementation. The research used methodologies such as comparative analysis of various approaches and viewpoints on strategic management and strategic planning, hierarchy analysis across different levels of planning documents, and document analysis. Results showed that national level documents should constitute the primary focusing point for other planning documents at regional and sectoral levels such as Ukraine’s 10-year Development Strategy. The study proposed rules that set out roles between government bodies and other actors throughout this implementation process. These findings will provide valuable insights into improving Ukrainian governance performance in the long run.