Oleg A. Diegtiar Тetyana A. Kravchenko Olena L. Yevmieshkina Tetiana V. Sych Yana M. Linetska


The main indicator of the success of innovative municipal administration is the provision of high-quality, accessible, and timely public services to both the population and economic entities located in this territory. The purpose of the article is to study innovative methods of optimizing the information and communication system of the local government of Ukraine in the changing conditions of nowadays. As a result, the category “innovative municipal administration” was defined as a the most complex type of management activity, which emphasizes the use of scientific and intellectual management resources, which is formed by the introduction and use of an effective information and communication system for the effective reproduction, distribution and use of available and potential resources in order to ensure a high standard of living for members of the territorial community, which will allow balanced development of the three most important systems: nature, civil society, and the economy. The authors found out that the central place of the system is, on the one hand, the development of mechanisms for effective information and advisory support, and on the other, the transferring of public services into electronic form, which will reduce time consumption, increase distribution channels, increase the overall socio-economic development of the territories, as well as deepen the reform of decentralization of power and the course of integration into the European space.