Almagul Sh. Nurgaliyeva Faya A. Shulenbayeva Saltanat K. Kapysheva Gulzhan T. Kunafina Maxat T. Kulubekov


The relevance of the research is due to the globalization and modernization of
all spheres of public life. In this regard, there was a need to consider and analyze the level of
public investments that are directed to support innovative entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan.
The purpose of the study is to review and analyze measures of state support for innovative
entrepreneurship in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The methodological basis of the presented
research is the unification of various general scientific methods of cognition. In the presented
study, methods of analysis and synthesis of information were used, a comparative method
was used, and the method of induction and deduction was also used. At the final stage
of the study, such a method of cognition as a systematic analysis of scientific literature
related to the subject of the study was used. In the course of the study, the experience was
considered of other countries (the United States of America, the European Union) and models of support for innovative entrepreneurship. In the process of writing, methodological
principles were outlined for the modernization and growth of innovative entrepreneurship in
the Republic of Kazakhstan. A closed innovation management system was considered. The
main functions of the state to support innovative entrepreneurship were considered.