Nataliia Aliushyna Olena Boiko Tetiana Hzhybovska Yulana Rak


The relevance of the study is due to the formation in Ukraine of a new public administration system focused on European standards, in which there is a need to increase the professionalization of civil servants. The purpose of the study is to investigate the professionalisation of public servants in the context of the implementation of public administration reforms, considering their individual needs. The leading method of investigating this issue is system analysis, which enables a comprehensive view of the professionalisation of the public service as a peculiar system of interrelated elements that together represent the formative components of this system. A content analysis of the report on the synthesis of public servants’ individual training needs for the year 2020 was used to investigate the individual training needs of public servants. The study substantiates the expediency of improving the professionalisation process in conditions of public administration reforms, defines the direct interconnection of public servant professionalisation with many aspects of public-service and other relations in society, analyses the results of the generalisation by the National Agency of Ukraine for Public Service of individual needs in professional training of public servants, reveals the main areas of improving the system of public service professionalisation, proposes possible measures to improve the efficiency of professional development for civil servants and local government officials. The practical significance of the study lies in the focus of its results on improving the system of public servants’ professionalisation. The findings can form the basis for further study and can also be used in the practice of public service institutions when improving or developing a new system of public servants’ professionalisation.