Duissekul Kunanbayeva Zhuldyz Izteleuova Maral Izteleuova Arnaud Mias


Currently, the transport and logistics sector of any country is a powerful tool for economic and social development in the hands of the state. In the context of expanding international cooperation, the transport and logistics sector requires further development and expansion of the capacity of the infrastructure, and there is also a need to revise the state regulation of existing objects of the transport and logistics system. This paper presents the data and results of a study of the logistics activities of some countries, according to the international rating compiled according to the World Bank reports on the Logistics Performance Index (LPI), and also identifies individual indicators of the state of the logistics infrastructure and transport condition. Algorithms for calculating the international and local index of logistics efficiency, the main criteria for the efficiency of the transport and logistics sector are considered. The analysis of the criteria for the logistics efficiency of Kazakhstan was carried out, the main gaps in the management of the country’s logistics sector were identified, and certain proposals were made to improve the state of the transport and logistics sector of the Republic.