Assel Uskelenova Yelena Filimonova Sanim Zhanbyrbayeva Lyailya Zhakypbek Orazkul Dossymova


The relevance of scientific work in the field of research of stages and features of public-private partnership in the Republic of Kazakhstan is conditioned upon the fact that the implementation of this mechanism serves as a factor in increasing the current resource base, mobilising unused reserves for the development of the economic segment. Proceeding from this, the key tasks and goals in research are the study of the institute of public-private partnership, identification of its main stages of development, consideration of key features, including analysis of possible problems and prospects for overcoming them. To achieve the goals set in the scientific work, such methodological approaches as the theoretical methodological approach, the method of legal hermeneutics, the dogmatic methodological approach, the formal legal method, the synthesis method and others were used. During the scientific work, it was identified that the modern model of the economy of Kazakhstan was formed as a result of numerous reforms and transformations, the interaction of the public and private sector provides an opportunity for the development of economic relations with integration into the international community; statistical data on the development of public-private partnership in Kazakhstan through the study of concession projects in Kazakhstan were analysed. It was identified that despite the fact that the functioning of the studied segment has positive aspects of the implementation of this type of activity, nevertheless its actions are characterised by a non-systemic nature.