Gintautė Žibėnienė Dangis Gudelis Irena Žemaitaitytė Andrius Stasiukynas


The article presents the results of a quantitative study. The aim of the article is to identify the factors motivating teachers of the Vilnius City Municipality to work. The questionnaire survey of Vilnius city teachers was conducted in April-May, 2020, using the electronic survey tool Qualtrics. Employees of the Vilnius City Municipality Administration distributed the link to the questionnaire to all teachers of the Vilnius city schools by e-mail. 1660 respondents started the questionnaire on this electronic platform, but after eliminating the incomplete questionnaires, a database of 873 respondents who answered all the questions of the questionnaire was created. The survey of teachers of Vilnius city educational institutions has shown that teachers are most motivated by the improvement of teachers' working conditions at school and the reduction of direct control as well as by personal recognition and ensuring favourable opportunities for professional development.