Aleksandras Patapas Maksym Pylypenko


This issue brings up a complicated and converging problematics, which essentially includes several components: public-private partnerships (Bobrovska et al., 2020), social responsibility of businesses and each particular citizen (Dema et al., 2018), their joint efforts in pursuit of both the sustainable development of society and the support of the latter’s safety at various levels (Lozhkina et al., 2021).Previously, academic and publicist literature rather frequently brought these subjects up on an individual basis (Hlushchenko, 2021; Slobodeniuk, 2021). However, we believe that sophisticated issues require complex solutions in their natural interaction with concomitant elements – conjointly, which allows observing the full picture and factor in possible previously unnoticed causal relationships.Metaphorically speaking, we offer the reader to compare the state – as an abstraction and actual force, including its components represented by various authorities, companies, and enterprises, and even certain select citizens – with a living organism, certain organs of which must not only coexist in harmony, but act in a well-orchestrated and efficient manner.This issue predominantly addresses the underestimated, in our opinion, Eurasian region which, at its current development stage and transition to market economy, constitutes an object of study of the utmost interest.