Aigul Alibekova, Lyazzat Sembiyeva, Aleksandr Petrov, Aldanysh Nurumov


The development and implementation of budgetary policy is impossible without effective financial control, which is a tool for ensuring effective management of resources and property of the state in compliance with the principles of economy, efficiency, performance, and transparency. It becomes even more relevant nowadays, when new trends in the development of financial control emerge in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The state financial control sphere narrows down, while non-state control expands. There is a shift from the next to the previous financial control. The object of financial control gradually transforms. Scientific novelty of this study lies in the development of theoretical and methodological provisions and practical recommendations for defining the nature of financial control, its subject matter, goals, and classifications for studying the effectiveness of low-budget organisations in the Republic of Kazakhstan (RK). Rules, regulations, procedures, and costs are being replaced by planned goals, results, and efficiency. This requires a new conceptual approach to the essence of financial control and its place in the public finance management system. The practical significance of the study results lies in their use for the efficiency improvement of budgetary institutions’ cooperation.


financial support, material resources, control, state, institutions

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