Nurbol N. Tulebayev


Nowadays, many careers still suffer from stereotypes that have been developed over the years, and which are difficult to move away from. One of these careers is a social worker. Therefore, an important aspect is the selection of social workers who will be the "face" of the social service. Social work, its mission and mandate should also be defined on the state political arena and included in the discourse of social policy and the social protection system of the country's population with the support of relevant structures and organisations. The public should be informed about social work as a career that contributes to prevention of violence, social injustice and development of an adequate social policy focused on addressing the issues of socially vulnerable groups of the population. Positive understanding and perception of social work in the Kazakh society develop a broad public support, joint efforts in achieving global goals in its professional promotion and development of social work as an activity at the micro and macro levels.


help; negative image; civil service employee; service providers; social work

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