Gulmira Altayeva, Gulzhan Kaliyeva, Indira Asilbekova, Zarina Konakbay, Ainur Abzhapbarova


In relation to modern global environmental problems, it is very important not only to use the air space correctly and the entire aviation activity in general, but also timely apply modern innovative technologies, introduce the latest technical means and modernize the existing aviation hub of the country to minimize environmental damage. Kazakh airlines have been carrying out passenger and other transportation on many international routes for quite a long time. This objective factor represents them as real serious subjects of the global aviation market. Republic of Kazakhstan after gaining independence and sovereignty began to form a new system of state authority providing full-scale of national security, which includes the formation and development of the aviation sector. In view of recent events of the last year, it should be said that the aviation sector of the studied country has attracted particular attention in terms of ensuring a proper level of aviation security. Republic of Kazakhstan, there are still regions in which it would be necessary to develop competitiveness, taking into account what is needed for the younger generation. Young citizens of the country need to be involved in something more important than just learning, giving an education and a job. The research field is exactly what that could change the current situation in the country. Local authorities should pay attention to such spheres as: labor productivity growth; income growth due to the growth of labor productivity in the manufacturing industry; stimulating the policy of increasing the role of small and medium-sized businesses in the light of the priorities of the strategy “Kazakhstan 2050” and etc.


air transportation; economic development; global market; interests of the state; revenue

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