Urpash Zh. Shalbolova, Zarina Chikibayeva, Zita Kenzhegaliyeva, Evgeny Kim


The article is devoted to the use of public-private partnership in housing and communal services and the expansion of University housing infrastructure in Kazakhstan. The analysis of the qualitative and quantitative status of projects that are officially registered in the databases of relevant state institutions is carried out. All implemented projects of public-private partnership with participation of state budgeting are subject to competitive selection, certain stages of reviewing and study of economic efficiency of project solutions, search for business partners who are ready to take on certain risks. This analysis reveals the real state of implementation of state programs to modernize housing and utilities, increase the housing stock of University infrastructure. Since the analysis of the distribution of public-private partnership projects for housing and communal services, energy supply in all regions of Kazakhstan was carried out, the research results presented in this article will be used in drawing up strategic plans for the territories development. Since the financing of some investment projects for the modernization of housing and communal services is carried out on the basis of state, local budgets, all these projects must be registered in the information databases of state bodies. The article also presents the results of expanding University housing infrastructures through the construction of new and reconstruction of existing student dormitories using mechanism of public-private partnership in the regions, which is currently at the initial stage of project formation. The article presents the results of the implementation of this task in the regions, which is currently at the initial stage of the formation of PPP projects for the construction of student dormitories.


housing and communal services, University housing infrastructure, student dormitories, public-private partnerships, investment projects (PPP).

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