Oleg A. Diegtiar, Artem Yu. Gevorkyan, Tetiana V. Cherepovska, Serhii H. Kuzmenko, Natalya V. Mozhaykina


The article examines the theoretical and methodological foundations of the formation and adaptation of mechanisms of municipal government of Ukraine to international standards of quality management. It is revealed that the standards of the ISO 9001 series (with an explanation to them concerning the municipal management of ISO 18091) are a generalization of the advanced world experience in the field of quality management. Generalized approaches to the definition of the category “municipal government” and provided a universal author's definition of this category, which includes all the best domestic and international experience in researching this problem. It is proved that the transition to the formation of an effective municipal government of Ukrainian cities requires a comprehensive review of the entire system of local self-government, management technology, decision-making practices and allocation of available resources. Factors influencing the system of municipal management, which are specific to each local entity, are identified and analyzed. Typical processes of municipal management and statement of problems for their introduction on the basis of use in process of municipal management of process approach are defined. The system of the basic processes of integrated quality management of municipal management of Ukraine which are universal and effective mechanisms of adaptation of the international standards to modern domestic municipal management is constructed. Based on international standards and domestic conditions, a system of integrated diagnostics, testing, evaluation and action for the formation of high-quality effective municipal government of Ukraine has been developed and recommendations for its implementation have been provided. It is concluded that the value of the theoretical and methodological and practical results presented in the study lies in the possibility of their application to improve the mechanisms of municipal governance and their adaptation to international standards of quality management.


process approach; indicators; local communities; government; quality management systems

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