Rysty K. Sabirova, Aiman A. Mussayeva, Ainur R. Tazhidenova, Zhanargul K. Bissembiyeva, Akmaral D. Mukasheva


The development of the labour market of the Republic of Kazakhstan is described by instability among certain age groups, an increasing imbalance between the demand for labour and its supply. The current processes in the Republic of Kazakhstan prioritise the provision of youth employment both at the national and regional levels. Attracting young people to the sphere of productive labour is complicated by the imperfection of state regulation mechanisms. The scientific originality was determined by the fact that the growth of the labour force competitiveness and its adaptive potential necessitates advanced methodologies and techniques for assessing structural and dynamic shifts in the labour market, the integration of its individual segments into the existing socio-economic space, as well as the development of methodological foundations for forecasting these processes. The labour market is a system of social relations, including legal provisions and institutions that ensure the proper reproduction and effective use of labour, the quantity and quality of which are appropriately rewarded. The methodological framework of the study included general scientific and special methods of cognition. The use of systematic and integrated research approaches allowed determining the specific features of the youth labour market as an object of state regulation and justifying the need for the development of a comprehensive mechanism for its state regulation. The increased need for the state to implement measures aimed at preventing the growth of youth unemployment leads to revising and changing the methods of the youth labour market state regulation.


labour market; youth employment; living standard; social policy; economy

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