Uliana B. Berezhnytska, Oleksandr M. Nepomnyashchyy, Oleksandra A. Marusheva, Oksana V. Medvedchuk, Iryna A. Lahunova


The article is devoted to the problem of improving the efficiency of state mechanisms of tourism development. The article analyzes the trends in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the tourism industry, since these enterprises form the economic base of this industry. As a result of the analysis, the main approaches to the formation of the system of public administration mechanisms in tourism sector were identified and the system of marketing communications for the development of small and medium entrepreneurship was analyzed. The results of the analysis of domestic and foreign experience have shown that approaches to the formation of marketing communications at the state level differ significantly. The paper provides general recommendations for the establishment of the system of marketing communications of small and medium-sized enterprises in the tourism industry at the state level, as well as mechanisms for analyzing its efficiency by building an economic-mathematical model for forecasting optimistic, realistic and pessimistic scenarios.


government support; public administration; tourism; marketing communications

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