Alberto José Hurtado Johana del Valle Molina Durán Sadcidi Zerpa de Hurtado


The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis highlighted a disadvantage of globalization: risks are more systemic. That is, crises are no longer local, but quickly spread to other countries in a region and around the world. In this context, the use of information and communication technologies was an automatic response of society. The financial technology (Fintech) sector is considered a safe option to preserve health at the time of making a transaction. This paper aims to analyze the effects that the coronavirus crisis had on the use of Fintech services in Latin America. To this end, the concept of Fintech is clarified. Next, the types of Fintech services used in Latin America are characterized. The data on the number of companies and the use of Fintech products before and during the COVID-19 crisis are then analyzed. Finally, policy options for driving financial inclusion and increasing the benefits of using Fintech services in the region are presented. The results allow us to conclude that the progress of the Fintech sector in Latin America was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Public Management