Anna Valeryevna Dubynina, Irina Ketova, Xenia Khlestova, Tatjana Maximova


There is a lack of common and clear methods for calculating correction factors in determining the amount of rent for use of land plots located in the territory of the municipality on state property, and the rate of rent is therefore not delimited. Land plots which are under municipal ownership objectively necessitate the perfection of a technique of defining rent for use of land plots, taking into account the interests of both the tenants and the municipality as lessor. This often comes at the expense of correction coefficients which, on the one hand, can lead to the deterioration of the investment climate in the municipality due to the overestimated value of the coefficients. On the other hand, they can lead to a significant decrease in budgetary revenues due to the underestimated value of these coefficients in lease of land plots.


rent, land plots, adjusting coefficient, cadastral value, rent rate.

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