Decentralization of public administration in the process of building a democratic society

Nataliia Leonidivna Gavkalova, Irina Volodimyrivna Kolupaieva


Full integration of Ukraine into the European political and economic environment requires further democratization of social processes. A complete transition from an authoritarian or totalitarian regime to a democracy is essential for the creation of a new economic basis of society. This transformation of public consciousness, as an inevitable stage in the construction of a market economy requires new forms of organization of state regulation of all the processes in different sectors and at different levels. The modern concept of Public administration is firmly established as the standard form of organization of processes and technological support of public administration in Ukraine. The using of a certain unified model of decentralization of Public administration in the framework of Local Self Government will ensure the necessary level of transparency in dealing with many of the common problems of regional development, including those in the context of economic liberalization.


decentralization, public administration, regional development

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