Alvydas Raipa Lolita Jurkšienė


The purpose of this article is to analyse theoretical aspects of the position of innovation in the structure of modern public governance. The article discusses public sector reform in the modern global environment as the indicator of preconditions for incremental modernisation of public governance. The authors of the article emphasise that the main scientific problem of the public sector reform is the transformation of various private sector management models for the public sector and the latest evolution of public sector governance to modern (good) style of governance. The authors determine that positive results can be achieved by higher level of identification preconditions in spreading innovative ideology, innovative ideas and information inside or outside organisations. For evaluating the dimensions of the position of innovation in public governance modernisation, the authors used meta-analysis, theoretical, interpretative modelling and other research methodology instruments. The research has shown that most of the indicators differently impact the development of innovative ideas, and the implementation of innovative ideology in the practice of modern public sector organisations. The position of innovation in the structure of modern public governance is conditioned by the fact that the doctrine of new public governance is in the evolution stage and the determining indicators of preconditions for the development of better innovative ideas in the public sector are closely related with the speed of public sector reform and changes.