Oleh Petryshyn Maryna Petryshyna Andrejus Novikovas Dmytro Boichuk


This scholarly investigation conducts a comparative legal analysis to identify the optimal model for state supervision of local self government and municipal rulemaking in Ukraine, with a focus on European Union (EU) practices. The study's dual objectives are to enhance theoretical understanding of local self-governance aligned with international legal norms, and to contribute to the jurisprudential development of local governance in Ukraine, particularly in the context of European integration. Employing a methodical approach, the research juxtaposes international standards with current literature to identify effective state supervision models. This involves analyzing legal and policy frameworks at both national and EU levels, alongside case studies from diverse governance systems, to evaluate their suitability for the Ukrainian context. The findings underscore the importance of a coherent, well-defined supervision model in improving the efficacy of local governance mechanisms in Ukraine. The study emphasizes the need for a legal framework that resonates with international standards, yet is tailored to Ukraine’s unique legal and political landscape. In conclusion, the research advocates for Ukraine's adoption of an optimal state supervision model, incorporating best practices from the EU and considering domestic realities. Such a model is essential not only for advancing local governance but also for ensuring national resilience and stability amid ongoing reforms and external challenges, including economic and geopolitical pressures.