Sladjana Zivanovic Sandra Djurovic Nikola Abramovic Olga Poberezhets Viktoriia Udovychenko


The purpose of this research is to address the fact that the changes taking place in society in the socio-economic and environmental spheres determine the need for companies to adapt to these changes in order to survive, as well as contribute to the developmentof the entire community. The achievement of activities by companies can contribute to the sustainable development of society, which must, first of all, be sustainable in all four aspects: economy, environment, social relations, and management. All four aspectsare almost equally important, but management is a process that permeates the other three aspects, and it is impossible to achieve positive results and goals in the three previous areas without it. The national culture, organizational culture, structure, leadership, learning and progressive goals of an enterprise lead it towards sustainable management and business. Human capital within such an organization provides the basis for creativity and innovative ventures. This approach of the organization, with a set of organizationalvalues, beliefs and ways of behavior, influences socially responsible behavior and sustainable management and business. This paper provides an analysis of factors that influence sustainable management and business, such as national culture, organizational culture,organizational learning and leadership, and proposes a model of organizational culture that supports the process of organizational learning and enables the achievement of the ultimate goal: sustainability.