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Submission Preparation Checklist

All submissions must meet the following requirements.

  • Figures (pictures, charts, and diagrams) and tables should be put in the place of the text near where they are first referred to.
  • Every article will be reviewed by two members of the Editorial Board or by its appointed experts. Authors should correct the manuscript accepted for publishing, considering all the remarks of reviewers and editors or why they have been disregarded. All the corrections should be highlighted. A separate document explaining to the reviewers what has been changed should also be uploaded with the revised paper. The electronic copy of the corrected article is to be presented to Editorial Board two weeks after obtaining the review.
  • Authors should submit an electronic copy of the manuscript prepared by using MS Word program with Times New Roman fonts, 12 pt size.
  • The author's details: name, surname, institutional affiliation of the authors and their addresses, and e¬mail address must be submitted. Please indicate the person responsible for correspondence with Editorial Board, if number of authors is more than one. Do not forget to enter this information for each author in the metadata section. Please note, do not use CAPITAL letters as you enter the information in the metadata section. You are welcome to use sentence case formating.
  • References - the format of the references must follow the American Psychological Association (APA) requirements. All the references in the text should be listed in the list of references and vice versa. The exact list of references that follows APA requirements must also be entered in the Metadata section. Please explore the newest publications that are relevant to your research. Also, please see if any relevant topic has already been published in our journal.

Manuscript requirements

Please prepare the manuscript before submission using the following guidelines: 


Article files should be provided in Microsoft Word format. We will not accept documents in PDF format. The text should be single-spaced; please use a 12-point font; you may employ italics rather than underlining (except with URL addresses); all illustrations, figures, and tables should be placed within the text at the appropriate points rather than at the end.

Article length:

Articles should be between 7000 and 10000 words in length. This includes all text, i.e., the structured abstract, and all text in tables, figures, and appendices. For long articles, compliance with the editor-in-chief is required. No length limitations apply to references. 

Article language:

Articles accepted in the English language.

The structure of the article:


The first page should present the title of the paper, name of the author(s), affiliation(s), address of the author's institutional affiliation, e-mail (preferred institutional), and the information regarding the corresponding person indicated in the footnote of the first page. 

Abstract. All submissions must include a structured abstract, following the format outlined below.
These four sub-headings and their accompanying explanations must always be included:

  • Purpose

  • Design/methodology/approach

  • Findings

  • Originality

The following three sub-headings are optional and can be included, if applicable:

  • Research limitations/implications

  • Practical implications

  • Social implications

The list of keywords (5-8 main words or concepts) and JEL index

The maximum length of your abstract should be 250 words in total, including keywords and JEL indexes


The article should follow the IMRaD structure:

- Introduction

- Literature review (the text may be divided into chapters and smaller units (for example, 1.; 1.1.; 1.1.2.;) with suitable titles.

- Methodology 

- Results 

- Discussion 

- Conclusions, limitations, and directions for future research.

- Scientific and/or practical implications

- Acknowledgment (your article must reference all sources of external research funding) 



The format of references must follow the APA requirements. The list of bibliographic references must be presented in alphabetic order. All cited references must be listed, and vice versa, the list of references must include only those cited in the text. Only the sources that have been published or are in press should be included in the list of references. We encourage you to use up-to-date references to support your research. 



The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.