Maja Niksic Radic Sinisa Bogdan Sabina Taskar Beloglavec


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the bibliographic corpus pertainingto the investigation of the impact of remittances on economic growth. Bibliometric analysiswas utilized to evaluate the current state of the art and the dynamics of research paperspublished on the subject matter. Conversely, the Systematic Literature Review (SLR) methodsought to scrutinize selected research papers to ascertain whether remittances play acontributory role in economic growth and whether this impact is contingent upon countryleveldevelopments.
Design: This study employed a mixed-methods approach, combining bibliometric analysisand SLR to address literature review questions which were formulated using the PICO framework. The study utilized the Web of Science database (WoS). Bibliometric analysiswas conducted using VOSViewer and Biblioshiny. The second part of the study involvedSLR, following the PRISMA-2020 protocol, to further refine the selection of papers.
Findings: The findings suggest that a large proportion of published papers do not comefrom countries with a high share of remittances in GDP, and the number of publishedresearch papers is not dependent on the income level of the country. The results indicatethat there is a positive relationship between remittances and economic growth, and thatthis nexus varies depending on a country’s income level. More developed countries tend toutilize remittances more efficiently in their economies.
Originality: To the best of the authors’ knowledge, the present study represents a novelinvestigation of the literature pertaining to the topic, utilizing the WoS database as a primarysource. Moreover, the authors have advanced the methodological approach by employinga synthesis of both bibliometric analysis and SLR.